Hi. I’m Gina.

I’m hungry for creative projects that require finding a whole new box to think outside of while tapping into new technologies; and I thrive in organizations that embrace change as a way of life, or at least acknowledge they should. I’ve even brought about the creation of my own job a few times.

I’ve written strategies and campaigns, re-imagined workflows, built intranets, managed apps and advertising, led rebranding efforts, designed websites and publications. I have experience in project management, staff management and development, media relations, copy editing, art direction, and have taught myself applications and coding in order to keep my organization moving forward.

I have experience in bringing about digital transformation. Weeks after my transition off the print design desk, I was leading my newsroom in developing digital-first breaking news workflows when newsrooms were just starting to understand the importance of “online.” I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter almost since they existed, jumping at the opportunity to create branded accounts for my newsrooms when upper management didn’t see the point. And when I saw a small nonprofit staff struggling with wonky technology on my first day on the job, I suggested migrating the entire organization to Google Apps for Business; a few months later, I was doing just that.

I’ve led rebranding efforts and implemented new websites, once while working to transform the marketing mindset of a nonprofit organization on the rise. I’ve also led training and given presentations to help coworkers learn or best utilize emerging communications technology.

I have written and executed strategic coverage plans for simultaneous operation of more than 45 branded social media accounts, 27 mobile apps, and nine websites representing newsrooms located across the greater Los Angeles area.

Still not convinced I should be working for you? Reach out, and I’ll gladly send you a reference list of people who have been/will be sorry to see me go.


Your Future Coworker

“Change is the only constant.” — Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus