Stand-out projects.

From PDF to interactive.


I didn’t build the CMS at or, but I did figure out the best way to use elements available within our existing CMS structures to create “microsites” and bring PDF versions of our class schedules and bi-annual mailers to life, taking into consideration UX and performance across platforms.

Cultivating a community online.

[ Sample Social Media Campaign StrategyCampaign Portfolio ]

Actually, maintaining — and more importantly, GROWING — a social media presence for a brand or an organization takes planning and perseverance. And if you’re trying to make an impact with a campaign or participate in a drive, strategy is key, with a hefty dose of analytics and a side of course-correction. Because in social media, the game is always changing.

A whole new take on newsletters.


Before Fall 2016, Omaha Conservatory of Music newsletters looked much like you would expect any sort of quarterly marketing publication to look: 8-12 pages measuring 8.5″ x 11″ with many paragraphs summarizing each initiative or accomplishment in the organization since the previous edition.

I blew up that model, using my experience with design, readability and audience to transform our standard-issue newsletter into a compact, heavyweight booklet that said more with far less words. I wrote the copy, selected the photos, built an infographic, and art directed the entire project, prompting readers to explore the Conservatory’s website at several points along the way. The result was a marketing piece the entire staff was proud to show off — and one we could effectively build the organization’s year-end appeal around.

And then I brought it all to life online.

A marketing brochure with room for more.

OCM Core Brochure 2016-17 p1

A new building and a new brand deserved a whole new way to talk about what happens at the Omaha Conservatory of Music. So I conceptualized a fold-out brochure that is a perfect fit to layer in 4×6 card inserts with more details on individual programs and initiatives to align with our goals.

Annual reports at a glance.


Following the success of our reconfigured brochure, I ran with the same concept for the Conservatory’s annual reports. I also constructed an infographic at the center of it all to tell the story of the impact of the String Sprouts program.