More with less.

My drive to find new ways to work smarter and more intuitively — has molded me into a leader ready to help my team keep up with an ever-increasing, fast-paced workload.

digital marketing

In the first year working at my current job, I established digital workflows using a variety of Google apps to assist with program and event planning, marketing production, and other business operations. Now, I’m helping our staff ease into Asana, a digital project-management tool, while supporting our faculty’s efforts to learn how Google Sites and other Google Apps can help manage and augment their individual studios.

Before that, I led a team of digital journalists in nine newsrooms across the Los Angeles to produce nine websites; enhance coverage with video, maps, graphics and other interactives; and maintain nine mobile apps and dozens of social media accounts.

Before that, I helped conceptualize and execute workflow plans for a single centralized, off-site copy/pagination desk for two-, six- and nine-newspaper operations across Southern California.


I have conducted training both in group and one-on-one sessions on topics covering the spectrum of social media (from basic use to social search and listening) and Google Apps (from automating email via filters and contact groups to building and maintaining an intranet).

I’m always looking for another better way to use the productivity apps we have at hand — or learn how someone else has figured out a new use for an existing tool.

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” — Gen. George Patton